July 9, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:


Re: Mr. Robert Hayden

I have known Robert Hayden since he moved to Wantirna in 1991.

During that time, my professional experience has been:

  • Associate Director in Information Technology Management Consulting at DMR Group Australia (now DMR Consulting);
  • Chief Information Technology Architect at National Australia Bank;
  • Director and Principal Consultant of Infonomics Pty Ltd, providing strategy, project, organisational and related services to Telstra Corporation and other companies.
  • Director and co-founder of BCT Governance Pty Ltd, a firm that helps directors and executives ensure that their investments in business change and technology are well managed and appropriate – with clients such as Medibank Private and JB Were.

Rob impressed me from the outset as a man of diverse capability, prepared to tackle the most difficult tasks, and to learn the skills required to complete those tasks in a highly competent manner. His exacting and self-demanding nature is such that he will only accept, and only deliver a thoroughly professional outcome in any work he undertakes.

He has undertaken extensive building works at his own home, and has shown the same absolute commitment to quality there as he does in his other leisure and business activities. 

When he purchased his first computer in 1994, he knew nothing of information technology, or of PC operations and development. Now, he has far outstripped my own knowledge and skills in the PC and Internet development arena.  In internet site development, Rob’s artistic flair and eye for detail (honed during his time as a freelance photographer) have contributed greatly to his customer’s success.

I am also well acquainted with the work he has undertaken for SIA in Australia and the United Kingdom.  The fact that he obtains repeat engagements for tasks as diverse as ISO 9002 compliance, designing and managing construction of new buildings, major relocations and overhaul of business operations speaks volumes for his pragmatism, versatility and attention to detail.

Please feel free to contact me for further information and clarification.

Kind regards,



Mark J Toomey


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